MEDIA: Columbus Dispatch Runs Nazi-Esque Cartoon

The thought that apparently DID NOT occur to the Columbus Dispatch‘s Op-Ed page editor when he/she green-lighted this frickin’ piece of work would have sounded something like this:

Hmmm…Comparing an entire nation of people to cockroaches scurrying out of a drain is a little too close for comfort to the Nazis depicting Jews as scurrying vermin in The Eternal Jew. And the whole thing is made doubly offensive given Ahmadinejad’s disgraceful Jew-baiting and Holocaust revisionism. Hmmm…maybe this is a bad idea.

[image via CROOKS & LIARS]


LOCAL ANGLE: “There is only one way forward that might possibly build on any current U.S. military¬†gains and push Iraq’s sectarian factions toward reconciliation. The United States must engage Tehran — for reasons of Iran’s own self-interest — in broad regional talks that set up a new framework for security in the Middle East. Under such a framework, Sunni Arab states and Shiite Iran would restrain their religious proxies inside Iraq, and push them toward accord.” — TRUDY RUBIN, COLUMBUS DISPATCH OP-ED PAGE AUG. 26th


Gee, this looks familiar…



IN TODAY’S DISPATCH: Franklin County Municipal Court has received a check for $126 from comedian Andy Dick after antics last month that did not leave a local police officer laughing. The check, covering court fines and costs for public urination, closes the case for Dick, 41, of Beverly Hills, Calif. A court appearance had been scheduled for yesterday.

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