EXPLAINER: How To Use Phawker Radio

phawkerradioimage.jpgThe beauty of this modern world is that you no longer have to be just a newspaper or just a TV channel or just a radio station. You can be all three! For the audio part of our hat trick, we will now pull a radio station out of our asses! Don’t worry, we washed it off. It’s located UPPER LEFT. Yeah, there…where it says PHAWKER RADIO. Just click on the icon that looks like a little antenna with the radio waves beaming out of it (innit that just cutest thing?)…go on, we’ll wait…YOU DID IT! We are so proud of you, you’re really gettin’ good at this Internets stuff. Now get yourself a pair of decent outboard speakers. You can get GREAT sound for under $100 these days. Presto! You’re the King of All New Media, lord of all you survey.