KILLADELPHIA: 4 More Dead Since U Went To Bed

skeleton-running.gifPolice are investigating four different murders that occurred in Philadelphia Wednesday. So far, there is no one in custody for any of them.


skeleton-running.gifAround 8am, police found a 28-year-old woman dead at 524 West Hill Creek Drive, in the Hill Creek Housing Complex in the Crescentville section of the city. Investigators aren’t sure if she was shot or stabbed.


skeleton-running.gifAt about 10:30am, police responded to Conlyn Street, near Old York Road in the Fern Rock section, where they found a 30-year-old woman dead from multiple stab wounds.


skeleton-running.gifThe third victim died just after 2pm at the Hospital at the University of Pennsylvania. He had been shot at 23rd and Morris Streets in South Philadelphia at 12:44 in the afternoon.


skeleton-running.gifAnd a fourth person was found dead about 2:30 pm, a man in his 30s, shot in the head near north 16th and West Cabot Streets in north Philadelphia. [via KYW]

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