THE TAO OF EVA: Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks


eva.jpgBY EVA LIAO Today I taught my 75-year-old grandfather [that’s him and my grandmother back in the day] to use the computer. Or, at least I tried to. We began at the very beginning: I showed him where the monitor power button was and how to turn on the system unit. We got to Windows, opened up Firefox. And then we hit a roadblock — apparently, double-clicking is problematic when you’re this old and have never touched a mouse before. We spent 10 minutes practicing on the glass table. “Grandpa, you have to do it quickly.” Tap-tap. Tap-tap. I demonstrated and he followed, but his wrinkled, worn-thin pointer finger just couldn’t move fast enough. We decided to call it a day. More tomorrow…

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ABOUT THIS COLUMN: Phawker Assistant Editor EVA LIAO is currently visiting family and friends along the Pacific Rim. TAO OF EVA is a collection of her semi-regular dispatches back to the home office.

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