ANCHORWOMAN: Alycia Lane Needs A Boyfriend

alycialaneboyfriendsolo.jpgINQLINGS: “Is there a new guy in the life of CBS3 anchor Alycia Lane? Newsies at New York’s CBS2 are linking her to Chris Wragge, that station’s alpha anchormale. I hear that the Jersey-bred Wragge, 37, has been separated from Swedish Playboy model Victoria Silvstedt, whom he married in 2000. (References to their marriage have been excised from his CBS2 bio and from Silvstedt’s Web site.) Lane, 35, twice divorced, would not comment.” [via the INQUIRER]

PHAWKLINGS: If THIS is Alycia Lane’s new boyfriend, then we don’t even wanna see those ‘risque’ pix she allegedly sent to you know who. Actually, that’s not true, but this guy just SCREAMS everything that is wrong with The News. Message to Alycia: How about dating a guy that does something more substantive or meaningful than just looking good to blue-haired old ladies when he reads the headlines into a camera. Seriously. Like bloggers, for example. Otherwise, wake us up when this is over.

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