30 YEARS GONE: You Are Always On My Mind


BY REAGAN GAVIN RASQUINHA/TIMES OF INDIA — Elvis Aaron Presley certainly isn’t going to be lonesome tonight. The hound dog whose famous baritone has been immortalised in vinyl, film and disc will be remembered by legions of his fans who couldn’t help falling in love with The Voice.

Today, it’s 30 years since the King passed on, claimed by his love for excess. But that kindly light that shoneelvis_rock_and_roll_heaven_101905_the_he.jpg throughout his unbelievable career still shines on. BT asked some of the city’s diehard Elvis fans about how they remember their hero on this day…

Who can forget Elvis’s initial charm — the Jailhouse Rocker with the curled lip and shimmy-shake who fired up a million imaginations. 2blue, vocalist of the popular rock band Vayu, affirms, “Elvis is the man! I’ve seen videos where you have this guy wiping his perspiration off on a handkerchief and offering it to these women crying out of happiness in the front seats of his Vegas shows. Anyone who can do THAT is indeed the King!

“Presley’s songs aren’t alien to rock bands either. Who can forget Motley Crue’s scorching version of Jailhouse Rock?”

bollywood.gif But no one would probably remember the King on this day better than India’s own answer to Elvis — 67-year-old Merwyn Rufus.

The man who’s won Elvis impersonation concerts galore says he’s just going to “have a get-together with friends over an evening of Elvis songs” as there are a “lot of Elvis fans in Bandra.”¬†On this day, he prays for his hero. From Bandra right across the bay and to borders beyond, indeed, the legend lives on!

TIMES OF INDIA: They Are ‘All Shook Up’ In Bandra! HAHAHAHAHAHA!*

*Note this whole post was an attempt to blog a tribute to Elvis with a distinctly Bollywood vibe. No reason, just to see if I could. Please enjoy this really big picture of Elvis with teddy bears.



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