HOLLA: Yo! Bum Rush The Show

BY JAMES ‘WOOK’ DOOLITTLE To think it was only a few years ago that the most amazing thing about Flavor Flav‘s life post-Public Enemy was that he never felt the urge to release a solo LP. Then go look what he does – release a piece of inconsequence entitled Hollywood last Halloween. Mercifully, practically nobody knows of this record. To this day, I still proclaim to the oblivious that the most amazing thing about Flavor Flav is that he’s never released a solo LP, never cashed in on his wiggity wackiness on da mic, never tainted his immortal sidekick status — because, hey, it’s not like Ed¬†McMahon went out and go his own talk show, right? Well, just trust me, I’m right.

flavaflav2.jpgYou see, Flav did us all a favor — he NEVER took himself seriously. So I was sold on the recently aired Comedy Central Roast — featuring comedians, rappers and mothfucking Carrot Top, all loaded for bear — from the moment The Flav descended from the rafters ala Fartman. As is often the case with such affairs, those who you’d expect to triumph (Jimmy Kimmel, Patton Oswalt) bomb, those you expect to suck (Carrot Top, Brigitte Nielsen) do, and somehow, someway, Ice-T always — always — steals the show.

I will give Oswalt this — he did bring the j that killed me:

“By the way, Chuck D. did want to be here tonight, but the D stands for dignity.”

True dat, but as proven, life is always funnier without. Always.


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