WAR OF THE WORDS: Stay Classy Upper Darby

A platoon of American troops in Iraq is sporting the very popular “Not in my town, scumbag” t-shirts that are all the rage these days in one Delaware County community.

Army National Guard Specialist Valerie O’Donnell of Upper Darby has been sporting the shirt while servingscumbagtown.jpg her country overseas. Now everyone in her unit of 32 is getting a shirt compliments of Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood. He says his department created the shirts when he began his campaign to rid the community of drug dealers and drug users:

“I think that when you look at the analogy between Iraq and here in Upper Darby, you’re dealing with scumbags, you know. In Upper Darby it’s drug dealers, rapists, robbers but in Iraq, you’ve got terrorists who are killing American troops or killing civilians.”

KYW: A Civil War Stoked By Centuries-Old Sectarian Hatred? Not In MY Town, Scumbag!

PREVIOUSLY: Hundreds of guns seized by Upper Darby police are back in circulation, many after police supplied them to two of the region’s most notorious gun shops, The Inquirer has learned. These guns included illegal sawed-off shotguns and assault rifles. Just last month, special-education students found one of Upper Darby’s confiscated guns as they collected litter near their school. Upper Darby suspended the practice in 2005, shortly after federal agents raided one gun shop and quickly traced a sawed-off shotgun to the Police Department.

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