HOT DOCUMENT: Meet Confetti Betty


I’m taking this week off.
But wait! There’s more!

When I come back, the week of Aug. 20th, I’ll be joining a new venture with the extremely cool and terribly hip folks over at The McClatchy Company, who you may remember owned the Inquirer for about 12 seconds. They’ve put together a team to provide non-traditional (well, for a newspaper company, at least) coverage of the 2008 election — a project called alt.campaign — and I’ll be part of it!

alt.campaign will appear in the Election 2008 area of McClatchy’s national website and yes it is a paid gig, though don’t expect me to turn all Helen Thomas on you up in here. My mission is to write about that freaky deaky-est of threesomes — politics, pop culture and celebrity — for a feature called Confetti Betty (hat tip, JW). So we’re not talking inverted pyramids.

The other passengers in the alt.campaign station wagon will be Joe Acton, a screenwriter whose Fade In will see actual campaign events retold in sitcom form; Rives, a new-style poet who’s doing off-the-bus campaign trail videos; and Mark Paul, who’ll don hip waders and slog through the muddiest waters of the blogosphere in Moonbats & Wingnuts. Rant-O-Rama is a video soapbox, where reg’lar ‘Mericans can do their thing.

I’ll have more links for you as we get closer to the official launch, but for now, those are the major details and I’m too excited to keep it to myself any longer. With Citizen Mom, Phawker and this new gig, along with some freelancing, I’ll have a lot of fondue forks in the pot this fall — hence the vacation!

See you in a week!

Amy Z. Quinn

PS: Thanks, Howard.

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