NEW STUDY: Online Advertising Revenue To Surpass Newspaper Advertising Revenue By 2011


The rapid growth of online advertising is expected to see the sector overtake U.S. newspaper advertising in terms of size by 2011. The forecast comes against a backdrop of declining advertising sales reported by newspaper groups this year in spite of continued strength in the U.S. economy. The findings are from a widely-watched annual research report on the media sector by Veronis Suhler Stevenson (VSS).

In the 2007 study, published on Tuesday, VSS forecasts that online advertising will grow by more than 21bush_internets.jpg per cent per year to reach $62bn in 2011, making it bigger than newspaper advertising, which is expected to total $60bn in 2011.

Broadcast television and cable and satellite television combined will continue to take the biggest share of advertising dollars, and are forecast to reach $86bn in 2011. “The path of online advertising and newspaper advertising is a continuation of what we’ve been observing for many years, but it is finally getting to the point where the lines will cross,” said James Rutherfurd, managing director at VSS.

The shift in advertising spending from traditional media to online and digital alternatives is taking place across the globe. Already, some forecasters expect newspaper advertising to be overtaken by online spending in the UK and Sweden this year.

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