DAN GROSS: Golden Girl Not All That?

Dahjuan Natson, 19, son of Lisa Natson, better known as [Power 99 FM DJ] Golden Girl, faces trialgoldengirl2yellow4.jpg Thursday in the Criminal Justice Center on simple assault charges for allegedly hitting Torlisha White, also 19, who is pregnant with her second child by Natson.

[White’s parents accuse] Golden Girl of hiding Dahjuan and of not cooperating with police, who searched for him after he failed to show for an earlier hearing. White also filed a police report June 30 alleging that she was again assaulted by Dahjuan, and suffered, according to her mother, a split lip and scratched cornea. White has a 15-month-old daughter with Dahjuan, of Germantown, and was four months pregnant at the time of the alleged June 30 assault. The couple are no longer together.

[White’s mother] says Golden Girl tried to dissuade her daughter from pressing charges after the first beating in April and has been hiding her son. White’s step-father, Ryan Lawson, says Golden Girl “deserves no props at all. All her marches against violence and for peace are a front. If she were any kind of woman, Lisa Natson would turn her son in to be dealt with like the other criminals she abhors so much,” he wrote.

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