I am a student at a small Midwestern college, I never thought the letters to the Penthouse Forum were true until…Heh-heh. Um, you weren’t supposed to see that. In other news, Phawker has been invited to a special Beastie Boys press conference tonight at the Festival Pier in advance of next week’s tonight’s concert. And in the interest of making New Media your bitch work FOR you, dear readers, WE ARE GONNA LET YOU ASK THE BEASTIE BOYS ANYTHING YOU WANT. How many times have you gotten into an argument with your buds about the Beastie Boys — and been, like, If only we could somehow ask the Beastie Boys, then we would finally know once and for all — all the time, right? And now, thanks to the democratizing power of Phawker, you actually can! Just send your questions for the Beastie Boys to FEED@PHAWKER.COM. And then check back here tomorrow to find out how they answered your question. Why? Because we like you.

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