SGT. BYKO: Fire Up A Coupla Colortinis, I’m Gonna Tell Ya The Tale Of Tom Terrific And The Plate Of Bisghetti

The five years he spent in Philly (he lived in Society Hill) were among his happiest. He was hired to report for the 6 p.m. news, but management sensed star quality and also had him co-anchor the noon news withtomsnyder.JPG local star Marciarose Shestack, known professionally by her first name alone. They became the nation’s first “Eyewitness News” team.

They had more chemistry than DuPont. And MR, as friends call her, became a forever friend. MR hadn’t been in touch with Tom Terrific for several months, but told me his spirits seemed good then, as he battled leukemia.

We talked yesterday about Snyder’s time here, and about some of his passions — model trains, martinis, golf and practical jokes. (He worked here before newspapers figured out that TV anchors were stars in their own galaxy, so romantic lives largely went unreported.)

“He could engage anyone he was talking with about anything — and he knew something about it,” she said. “You felt comfortable in his hands. You might not have felt comfortable about where it was going to go,” she said, laughing hard, “but you felt comfortable in his hands.”

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