THE TAO OF EVA: Taiwan In The Hizzhouse!


EDITOR’S NOTE: In the wake of Eva Liao‘s protracted radio silence since reporting live and direct from Bonnaroo, Phawker has been inundated with questions about her whereabouts — although something tells me these might be coming from the 347 horny bastards that searched the site for “Bonnaroo Tits.” And no, she didn’t go back to rehab. She went someplace even better: Taiwan, the land from whence her parents came. Eva will be providing semi-regular reports from her trip to the Pacific Rim (Ha, I said rim), which god willing, will include a side trip to the People’s Republic Of China.

Hey Boss,
Your Girl Friday here. I’ve finally made it back to THE MOTHERLAND yesterday and it’s been a trip to saytaiwan2.gif the least. Lots of quirky, funny, ironic, fascinating, annoying things to report on, f’sho. On my first day back I managed to get a fish bone lodged in my throat for a good four hours. No joke. But that’s a whole ‘nother story I’ll save for a rainy day.
Anyway, my internet connection is semi consistent. I’ll probably check email every other day. I need to know where you want me to post my photos. I think I’ll go about writing little captions for each photo so ya’ll white people dont get confused as to whats what.
In the mean time, I’m glad to see that you haven’t managed to keep yourself out of trouble. You’re apology to poor Ms. Rao was appropriately snarky — I wouldnt have expected anything less. The world should be troubled by the fact that you’re mentoring impressionable, young writers. Anyway, once I get some good photos, I’ll send them over.
PS In the meantime, you can amuse yourself with this — it’s the Asian You Tube. It’s called YouKu as in ‘you cool.’ Get it? I don’t either.

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