NPR 4 THE SIMPSONS: We Hear It Even When U D’oh!

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Al Jean knows Marge, Homer, Bart and the gang better than almost anyone. He’s executive producer and writer for The Simpsons, and he’s been with the show since it began. The new Simpsons movie, he’s beenhomer_brain.jpg heard to say, is about “what happens when a man doesn’t listen to his wife.” Nancy Cartwright‘s work is widely heard and well loved, but not many people know it’s her. She’s the voice of Bart Simpson on TV’s The Simpsons — and in the long-awaited feature film that hits theaters this week.

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Why “The Simpsons” remain so popular. Tomorrow the Simpsons’ first feature film opens in theaters. This follows 18 seasons on the Fox Network, making it the longest-running sitcom on American TV. We’ll talk about how this show has not only changed the television industry, but also has become so ingrained in American pop-culture. Our guest is MATT McALLISTER, who wrote the latest entry on The Simpsons for The Encyclopedia of Television. He is an associate professor of film, video and media at Pennsylvania State University.

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Tenor sax master, Sonny Rollins, stops by the World Cafe with David Dye to discuss his legendary career. Rollins took on the jazz world in the 1940s with his remarkable gift for transforming songs of various genres into eclectic jazz arrangements. He continues to influence the jazz world with his latest release, Sonny, Please. In the second hour, the Summer Reading Series continues; author Mitch Myers comes by to talk about his new book, Boy Who Cried Freebird.



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