HOT DOC: Arlen Specter Ignores 11,000 Constituents!


Dear Indy Music Lover,

Thank you for signing our online petition in support of the
Internet Radio Equality Act.
You joined over 11,000 others in
telling our Representatives in Washington how strongly the XPN
community feels on this issue. We gave the petition to Senator
‘s office, and while he has expressed sympathy for our
concerns, he has yet to commit to supporting the bill.

radio.JPGThe current situation is less than encouraging. Our request in
court for a stay of the July 15 roll-out date for the new royalty rates (retroactive for 18 months) has been denied. It is highly unlikely that Congress will move on this legislation in the near future. The consensus on the Hill is that this should be resolved through negotiations.

Talks have yet to be productive. They will continue right through the deadline. I’m still somewhat optimistic that we can find common ground that is in the best interest of both artist and audience. We do not plan any changes in our internet music streaming until we have exhausted all alternatives. I will update you when there is any news.

Keep the faith!

Roger LaMay

General Manager, WXPN 88.5 FM

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SOURCE: Bridge Ratings

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