OFFICIAL: Phillies The Losingest Team In ANY Sport


BY MIKE WOLVERTON SPORTS GUY Philadelphians, be proud. The Phillies hit the 10,000 mark last night, the first franchise in any sport — in the ENTIRE recorded history of sport– to lose 10,000 games. To put this in some perspective, if Major League Baseball established an expansion team for next season, and that team lost every single game, every year, with no wins and no rain-outs, it wouldn’t get to 10,000 losses until 2069. And by that point the Phillies might be creeping up on 20,000.

Other notable 10,000 Milestones fast approaching:

10,000 Pat Burrell strikeouts — ETA 2008

10,000 On-ice fights won by the Flyers — ETA 2011

10,000 Women ?bagged? by Wilt Chamberlain — a long time ago

10,000 Annoying Robin Williams movies — ETA 2009

10,000 TV appearances by Bon Jovi since their last good song — March 21, 2005


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