SIZE MATTERS: 20 Towers Slated For Riverfront


BY MATT BLANCHARD With all the hoopla over casinos, you might have missed everything else that’s planned for the riverfront.

Developers have drawn up designs for a veritable condominium kingdom on the Delaware, pushing proposals for more than 20 new towers containing 5,000 condo units.

“It’s massive. It’s absolutely massive,” says architect Scott Page of Interface Studios.

Page got a shock while putting together Interface’s recent plan for Northern Liberties. By his calculations, projects proposed for the river end of the neighborhood (east of I-95) would more than double the number of housing units in the neighborhood, from 2,300 to 5,646.

Is the population of Northern Liberties really about to double?

The following is PlanPhilly’s effort to publicize development projects before they’re written in stone. It’s a gallery of all major proposals along the river, based on Page’s original work. We start in the north at Fishtown, and head south to Northern Liberties, Old City and South Philly.

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