PERVY: Lehigh U. Vice-Provost Busted In Pedo Sting

Steven J. Devlin, 49, a vice provost at Lehigh University, was arraigned yesterday and charged withpedophile_big.jpg criminal attempt to commit rape and related offenses, authorities said. He was incarcerated for several hours at the George W. Hill Correctional Center before posting 10 percent of his $250,000 bail late yesterday afternoon, according to prison records.

“Lehigh University has placed Devlin on administrative leave and is cooperating fully with law enforcement,” the university said in a statement. Authorities said Devlin, who used the screen name Phillyguy5, began an AOL relationship in May with a female county detective posing as a 32-year-old woman with two daughters ages 7 and 9.

According to the criminal complaint, Devlin instant-messaged that he and his wife grew up in an “open-minded” lifestyle and began “preparing” their own two daughters when they were 10 and 12 years old. He asked the detective if she was “teaching her daughters how to be bisexual,” the complaint said.

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