GUVNER: Rendell Calls Critic Crazy As A Cannibal

hannibal.jpg“I think [Rendell] believes he has a mandate to pillage, but he won 61 percent of the vote against an empty suit last year and he didn’t have a clear agenda until June 30,” added Eric Epstein, a Holocaust scholar, nuclear power watchdog and founder of the public interest group Rock the Capital.

The comments set Rendell off. He called an Inquirer reporter fuming that the paper gave Epstein any ink at all. “Eric Epstein,” boiled Rendell, “is about as mentally stable as that guy who ate all those people.” It was unclear whether the governor was referring to Jeffrey Dahmer or Hannibal Lecter. Either way, Epstein took it in stride.

“I invited the governor to my home for the first night of Passover. He declined. I thought it was due to scheduling,” Epstein said. “How was I supposed to know that the governor was allergic to Chianti and fava beans.”

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