GAMBLOR: ‘I Don’t Know Whether To Cry Or Shit Spit’

Pennsylvania state senate Republicans are raising the stakes in their standoff with Rendell administration officials who are refusing to testify about the possible closing of casinos if the budget stalemate drags on (see previous stories). Republican state senator Jane Earll chairs a committee that has issued subpoenas to two Rendellgamblor.gif administration officials to testify about the possible casino closures.

Despite the subpoenas, those officials were no-shows at a Friday morning hearing. Earll says the committee will now explore its legal options. She declined to say what those options are, but a lawyer for Senate Republicans has said the arrest of the administration officials is possible.

Earll, citing concerns for employees who would be affected by a state government budget deadlock, says the shutdown of casinos is unnecessary. ?We have tools in our toolbox to prevent a shutdown. And the fact that we?re not all working towards that end… I don’t know whether I should cry or I should spit.? The Rendell administration says the officials that Earll wants to question are busy, and offered to make them available on Wednesday — two days after the casino shutdown would occur.

KYW: In The Event Of A Casino Shutdown, State Would Lose $1.7 Million A Day In Gaming Tax Revenue And That Seems To Be Making Everyone Lose Their Motherfucking Marbles. Damn You, Gamblor! Damn You To Hell!

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