MEDIA: Man On The Street Interviews With Fat No-Neck White People And Their Horrible Cracker Spawn STILL Functionally Useless To Readers

In North Carolina, Lawson explained, “We’re much more courteous.” The pace of life back home, shetourists.jpg said, makes Philadelphia seem maniacal.

“If I lived here,” said Lawson’s colleague Lola Decacus, “I’d have to be on something.” Realizing how that sounded, she clarified. “High blood pressure medicine.”

In contrast, Meg Kroll from Fort Lauderdale found Philadelphia positively mellow.

“Everybody’s angry in Florida. It’s a more aggressive environment. Many people in South Florida have forgotten the basic ability to be courteous.”

She and her entourage were passing a parking garage when a car tried to exit. “We were blocking the sidewalk. He waved to us and apologized.”

“In Florida, we would have been run over,” said Kroll’s friend, Mary Ellen Macuski.

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