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Why understanding a little economics can go a long way in understanding the business world. Ever wonder why Apple charges $150 more for a black version of their laptop? Turns out, when they came out with the black iPod, demand went through the roof, so later they released a black laptop at a premium cost. This story is included in the new bookwhite_stripes-720137.jpg The Economic Naturalist: In Search of Explanations for Everyday Enigmas. We’ll talk with the author ROBERT H. FRANK, a professor of economics and management at Cornell University. Frank is also the co-author with Ben Bernanke, now the Federal Reserve Chairman of the popular college text book “Principles of Economics”


Listen to Wednesday's show...Guitarist and vocalist Jack White and drummer Meg White, of the White Stripes, have just released their sixth LP, called Icky Thump.The two have tried to keep their relationship a mystery, claiming at various times to be brother and sister or husband and wife. (The truth, confirmed by numerous sources, is that they’re a divorced couple.) One reviewer writes that “the White Stripes are grounded in punk and blues, but the undercurrent to all of their work has been … striving for simplicity, a love of American folk music, and a careful approach to intriguing, emotional and evocative lyrics.” This interview first aired on June 9, 2005.

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