MAILBAG: A Turtle Story With A Happy Ending

From the comments section:

A couple weeks ago my husband and I were headed down Lincoln Drive when we saw a turtle in theturturtlesea.gif middle of the road. For some reason I screamed out for my husband to stop and he actually stopped — in the middle of Lincoln Drive! So I got out and picked up this nasty, stinking turtle (wondering to myself why?, it’s not like I have a thing for turtles) and placed him on the side of the road. Five minutes later as we stopped at a light on Kelly Drive one of the cars that managed not to hit us during our turtle rescue pulled up beside us and motioned for us to roll down our window. So we roll down the window and this guy that looked like Chris Christofferson Kristofferson on meth asked if we were the people that rescued the turtle. We said, “Yes.” He said, “That was beautiful,” and as the light changed he threw a ten dollar bill in the car window — “for gas money.”

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