FORT DIX SIX: 3 Surefire Ways To Get Bail Denied

fortdixsixgraff.JPGAgron Abdullahu, one of the Fort Dix Six, scratched graffiti into the door of his jail cell that included an AK-47 assault rifle firing bullets at the letters “FBI,” prosecutors charged yesterday. They said he also etched the name of a town in Kosovo, his homeland, along with an Albanian acronym for the Kosovo Liberation Army, which prosecutors called a paramilitary organization with a history of war crimes.

“The subject matter of the etchings alone is disturbing at best, and at worst demonstrates the volition of an individual predisposed to violence,” prosecutors wrote in a brief filed in federal court in Camden yesterday.

The brief, which includes pictures of the etchings, was filed in response to a motion from Abdullahu’s attorney asking the court to reconsider its decision to hold Abdullahu without bail.

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