Mr. Richard Smoker Meets Hammer Head

An “active user” of a homosexual phone-hookup line made a bad connection when hegaybobanna.gif invited a caller to his Wallingford condominium and was beaten while performing oral sex on a new acquaintance, according to Nether Providence Township Police.”The suspect sits down and the victim provides him with oral sex, but it wasn’t completed before everything stopped when the suspect hit him,” Irey said. “The victim goes down to the ground and looks up and this guy has a hammer.”

Afterward, the victim was forced to drive to two ATMs and the assailant was able to remove $200 from the victim’s account at a PNC Bank branch in Swarthmore, Irey said.

DAILY NEWS: What Part Of Inviting Complete Strangers Into Your House And Going Down On Them Seemed Like A Good Idea?

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