TOLDJA: Wouldbe Columbine Copycat Charged


Authorities in Montgomery County, Pa. have now filed charges against a former student at Upper Merion High School who they say sent threatening Internet messages to students and then showed up at the school last week (see related story). The charges against 19-year-old Thomas Musetti include making terroristic threats and reckless endangerment. Court papers reveal that Musetti sent instant messages saying he was seeking revenge against everyone and was trying to get a gun.

“He was operating under a screen name, ‘Icecoldveins4u.’ He made threatening references involving other people, involving Graduation Day, and referencing some very horrifying events we are all familiar with.” One message even said that Columbine shooter Eric Harris was his hero.

KYW: Gee, Wonder Where He Got The Crazy Idea That Slaughtering His Fellow Students Would Solve All His Problems Or At Least Make Him Famous…Hmm, I Wonder
PREVIOUSLY: When an angry loner massacres 32 fellow students JUST SO PEOPLE WOULD PAY ATTENTION TO HIM, you only validate his psychotic reasoning by publishing his self-styled assassin’s portrait; you have rewarded a monster with a glory he should never know and, in the process, you invariably create more just like him.

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