DARFUR: Local Sudanese Settle The ‘Genocide/Not Genocide’ Debate With An Old Fashioned Chair Toss


PHILADELPHIA — The Darfurian audience at the forum took their turns to lash out the Sudanese ambassador. Dr. Ali Dinar, president of the Darfur Alert Coalition, reminded Ukec of the article he wrote three years ago in Iowa in which described the situation in Darfur as genocide. Ukec laughed sarcastically asking Dinar whether he is “asking a question or chatting with him.” Then the situation in the hall started turning ugly. Sara Mansour, a woman from Darfur, addressing Ukec told him to “stop lying” before leaving without waiting for his response. Ukec gestured with a big smile “come back young lady, where are you going?” At that point Ageed said that “he lost it.” He felt that Ukec’s manner with Mansour was degrading to a woman so he threw the first chair at the podium, then the others followed his path. Representatives of the EU and the Chinese embassy quickly rushed themselves outside the building. The Sudanese ambassador was escorted from the hall by members of his entourage after the organizers decided to cancel the forum.

SUDAN TRIBUNE: Gentlemen, You Can’t Fight In Here! This Is The War Room!

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