ABU GONZALES: Next Stop, Impeachment?

CANCELED DEMOCRACY FOR AMERICA: The Senate could hold a no-confidence vote as early as today.The resolution is non-binding and symbolic, but it will put Senators on record and send a strong message to President Bush. Make sure your Senators know you want them to support the no-confidence vote:

Senator Bob Casey
(202) 224-6324

Senator Arlen Specter
(202) 224-4254

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THANK YOU JOE LIEBERMAN*: “My vote against going ahead with more debate on this no confidence resolution is not an expression of confidence in Attorney General Gonzales. It is an expression of opposition to spending any more time on a resolution that will accomplish nothing, instead of going ahead with the next item of business, which is energy legislation. If we work urgently together on energy legislation, we can accomplish something that is truly important to the American people.”


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