THE NEW PANIC: Reading Between The Lines Of JFK Terror Plot Indictment

At a certain point, something will go wrong. You may have trouble recruiting other people to collaborate with your very own terrorist, who is, as you yourself know, just an ordinary¬†guy in a really bad mood. Or, alternatively, the terrorist cell you have carefully cobbled together may malfunction and fail to move forward — probably as a result of sheer incompetence or of simply not having been genuinely serious about the acts of terrorism you were urging it to commit. At this point, you may worry that the FBI is going to realize that there isn’t much of a terrorist plot going on here at all, just a case of entrapment. Do not despair: the FBI is way ahead of you. The FBI knows perfectly well what’s going on. The FBI has as much at stake as you do. So before it can be obvious to the world that there’s no case, the FBI will arrest your very own terrorist, hold a press conference and announce that a huge terrorist plot has been foiled. It will of course be forced to admit that this plot did not proceed beyond the pre-planning stage, that no actual weapons or money were involved, and that the plot itself was “not technically feasible,” but that will not stop the story from becoming a front-page episode all over America and, within hours, boilerplate for all the Republican politicians who believe that you need to arrest a “homegrown” terrorist now and then to justify the continuing war in Iraq.

HUFFINGTON POST: We Have Nothing To Fear But Fearmongering Itself

RELATED: Even though it was already early into this hyped story, CNN had already called in its experts on airport fuel storage, and its experts agreed: Even if this plot had gotten to the execution stage, and it wasn’t even close to that, it would not have done more than cause one big but well-contained bright orange fire at one fuel tank, that would not have spread and would not have harmed people or airplanes.? [via Attytood]

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