Main Line Nanny Basher Is The New Face Of Evil

According to the criminal complaint in the first incident, [banking heiress Susan Tabas] Tepper threw all the food on the floor, tolddominatrix.jpg the nanny to clean it up and then struck her in the chest with a bag of carrots.

The complaint said Tepper [NOT pictured] then attacked the woman by pushing her into the refrigerator and striking her on the head with a telephone handset. Tepper then pulled Salinas’ hair, scratched her face, broke her glasses and tried to push her down the stairs, it said, and then yanked Salinas’ pocketbook away from her and took about $800, believed to be the woman’s pay for housekeeping.

Salinas told Tepper that she was going to call the police, according to the complaint, to which Tepper replied, “You’re not calling anyone, bitch! I will call the police. I’m important, you’re nothing. No one will believe you.”

DN: This Is Sad, We Can Remember A Time When The Help Could Take A Punch

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