mailbag_2.gifDear Phawker,
I’m from a small town (45,000) in Central Florida, across the river from where they launch the space shuttle and about a half hour from Orlando. I currently am fixated with Jeff Deeney’s “Today I Saw…” and I love the style in which the news is reported on your website, modern enough for college students and teenagers to be interested in it. I found out about the website after I read a post on the news group “alt.drugs.hard” (sorry if thats not exactly the publicity you were looking for) that mentioned a report in the Philadelphia Weekly about the “Top 10 Drug Corners” in Philadelphia, which linked to an NPR story on your website where they interviewed the author. I’ve always been curious about life in a large city, which I guess is why I’m drawn to TIS and the other stories on your website. Please keep up the good work for my sake and thanks. –Adam

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