NPR 4 THE DEF: Giving Public Radio Edge Since 2006


Together at last! This is like a public radio wet dream come true. Around che Phawker, we listen to Prairie Home Companion with a geeky regularity uncommon for people not yet in assisted living situations, and we sure loves us some Wilco. Rebroadcast at 2 PM Sunday on WHYY 91FM. The new and wonderful Sky Blue Sky drops Tuesday — expect one of those insufferable long-ass Valania navel-gazers on the topic any day now, and don’t forget to check out ED KING’s ‘live review’ of Sky Blue Sky — but in the mean time, you can listen to it right frickin’ now on Phawker Radio (just click the little antenna icon in the upper left corner and SHAZAM!). Why? Because we like you! We really, really like you!

Listen to Tuesday's show...

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