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SEXY BOY: Air‘s Jean-Benoit Dunckel, The Fillmore, Last Night

BY SIMONE SECCI FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT Air are one of those bands that have this precious ability to relax you like nothing else does. Personally I find this amazing and besides any consideration about the nature of the music, which draws heavily and equally from seventies prog, sixties extravaganza and eighties pop. But even though — doesn’t this mix sound perfect? And it does, it really does!

The live show is just great, the duo of Jean-Benoit and Nicolas have this amazing back up band that recreate live every single sound from their studio compositions — which is not exactly easy but they do it just as good. So everything goes really smoothly for all the seventy minutes of the show (maybe they could have play a little more?), in which they play all their biggest hits and they fascinate the girls in front of them with their equally charming and distant aura of Parisian cool. As they say in my country: Enchante. GRADE: A


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Simone is from Italy, and as such English is his second language. While he doesn’t always use it the “right” way, he usually gets where he wants to go. As a service to our English-speaking readers, we will run his reviews in larger type to simulate talking LOUD…AND…SLOWLY.

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