GAYBO: Biting The Big Apple; I Love A Man In (A Spiderman) Uniform; Helsinki Is For Lovers!

gaybo.JPGBY TOMMY ZANE GAYDAR EDITOR A quick trip to NYC can create at least two effects. Utterly exhaust one from the dizzying amounts of peeps, drugs, shopping and dick available, or make one long for the loyal and comparatively quaint streets of Philly. I, at once, experienced both. Childhood girlfriend, Miss April, finally got married and popped out a kid within the year, which I had yet to meet. Oh, and did I mention BOTH her twin brothers are gay, live in NYC, and I’ve casually flirted with them for decades? April has always been a total brain, Vassar educated and New York eloquated. Her sassiness is a magnet for attractive folks of all persuasions, and book ended by twin brothers, Danny and Teddy, we ruled the city all Friday night. Of course Mommyhood called around 10:30 for April, so off I went with the twins to The Eagle. Leather bars are all about drag, just the bras and dresses are replaced with harnesses and chaps. After a quick stop at Danny’s apartment, we were dressed and ready. Clarification: I am not a leather queen, but I don’t look half bad in a tight black t-shirt and boots. The twins worked a sorta grungey leather jacket biker look, hot in a nineties kinda way. After pounding six beers by midnight, I was ready to float home…so, you’re wondering which one I went home with, Danny or Teddy? Or both, like some kind of bad porno? This is where my longing for Philly kicked in. It all just seemed so pointless. Okay, fine, so I’m still reeling from Ramon, but does that mean I can’t have a good time? Cabbed it back to April’s and slept on the pullout sofa.


While in New York, I was able to catch Cherry Hill native David Zellnik‘s new play set in Sri Lanka where scientists study monkeys and monkeys reveal quite a bit about human nature to the audience. “Serendib” is well executed, finely acted and very adventurous. Curious, intelligent and playful, writer David Zellnik has truly mastered the art of storytelling. Read all about this exciting new work which may be coming to Philly soon, if rumors are true.

InterAct Theatre Company, based out of The Adrienne on Sansom, presents the world premiere of “When Something Wonderful Ends” thru May 6th, written by Sherry Kramer. Actor Lori Wilner takes this one-woman show to amazing heights with its three-in-one story line. It’s the story of a Jewish woman packing her childhood memories and early 60s Barbie collection after her mother’s death while dispelling a history of post 1950 Middleberetta76rickd.jpg East history and American involvement. Although at times preachy, the play deftly synthesizes politics, kitsch and mourning into a panorama of humanity.


I’ve been really entertained lately in Philly. Caught “Spidermania” last Saturday at The Lebanese Marion Rite Church in South Philly. Local superstars, Scott Johnston and Jimi Mooney ruled the stage in this tribute to all-things-Spidey with a fine back-up band featuring members of The Straight Razors and The Big Mess Orchestra. Super awesome show-my spidey senses were tingling!

A host of local garage talent rocked Tritone on Sunday as part of “A Month Of Sundays” tribute to recently passed promoter, Rick D. Performing were Beretta 76 [pictured, right] and the utterly sexy Miss Camille, Jukebox Zeros and many others. Besides Sugartown duties, Sara Sherr will be taking on some to promotion duties at Tritone. Go, Miss Sara! Right. Next time you hear from me, I’ll be in Helsinki, Finland soaking up some Eurovision Song Contest action! As they say goodbye in Finnish, moi moi!

Episcopal seminarian student, Jim “what’ll I do this week” McGreevey, recovering NJ Governor Jon “who needs safety belts” Corzine, and newly-appointed and out Judge Dan “who needs an election when Rendell can just appoint me?” Anders.

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