Chester The Molestin’ Lawyer In Deep Doo Doo

molesterlawyer.jpg Yesterday, Larry Charles, 49, of East Oak Lane, faced five separate preliminary hearings on sexual-assault or indecent-assault-related charges.

In February, he was held for trial on rape, sexual assault and other charges in the case of a 14-year-old girl with whom he was caught naked in the lawyers’ lounge at the Criminal Justice Center at 13th and Filbert streets on the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.

Two of the five girls who testified yesterday are sisters of the 14-year-old. A third is a cousin.

The two other girls are sisters whose mother had dated Charles. The mother had two younger children with him.

In a quiet courtroom yesterday, the girl who was 5 when Charles allegedly preyed on her relayed her disturbing encounters.

Now 11, speaking in a mature voice, she said Charles had taken her to what she thought was an office and an apartment. “He would tell me to take off my clothes” in the apartment, she testified. “He would take off his.”

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SEMI-RELATED: “A Philadelphia police officer has been arrested on charges he sexually assaulted a man during a traffic stop a couple of months ago. According to investigators, Officer Michael Paige, assigned to the 92nd District, was in uniform and in his patrol car on March 16th when he stopped a Lincoln Continental in Fairmount Park. Police say Paige took one of the two male occupants out of the car and into a secluded area of the park, where he engaged in “non-consensual sexual activity” with him.” [via KYW]

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