EATING CROW:Philebrity Retracts PW Sale Story While Blaming PW For Scuttling The PW Sale (Story)

We here at Philebrity regret that we inadvertently published what has turned out to be false information regarding the sale of the Philadelphia Weekly to Village Voice Media. We initially published, based on what we believed to be a credible tip from a knowledgable source, that a deal was on the table between the two parties. What we could not have predicted and did not know at the time was how far up the corporate ladder the Weekly’s ineffectual, incompetent malaise stretched; we could have never known that at whatever key moment, the Weekly brass would have blinked and soured whatever deals they did have so that one by one, VVM, Tierney and whoever else would have woken the fuck up and said, “WHAT? 25 MILLION? FOR THIS? OR IS IT $10 MILLION! YOU KNOW WHAT? WE DON’T CARE! BACK TO THE YACHT, BENSON!”

PHILEBRITY: Learning The Hard Way That Simply Saying Out Loud What People Are Whispering In Your Ear Is Not Journalism, Bitches!
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