HIZZONER ’07: New Poll Has Nutter Tied With Knox For Lead

A new poll on the mayor’s race shows Michael Nutter (center) surging, and front-runner Tom Knox nutter_main.jpgstalling.

The survey of 450 registered Philadelphia Democrats shows Tom Knox dropping slightly from the previous poll to 20 percent, with Michael Nutter surging to 18 percent.

David Patti is with Pennsylvanians for Effective Government, which commissioned the survey:

“The election now comes down to a statistical dead heat between Michael Nutter and Tom Knox.”

The others are having a tough time:

“Congressman Chaka Fattah has fallen to third. And Congressman Brady and Dwight Evans are a distance distant fourth and fifth.”

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THE NEXT MAYOR: “According to a memo accompanying the poll, it looks like Nutter’s gains are due to a surge in his support among white Democrats where he leads Knox 29% to 24%. The memo also indicates that Nutter may be benefitting from the fact that Brady’s unfavorables have continued to climb. Meanwhile, Fattah, as in other polls, continues to enjoy the lead in support among black voters with Knox, surprisingly, maintaining second place in that category. However, 32% of the black voters surveyed remain undecided so there is room for any candidate to move there. The memo concludes by stating that it appears Knox ‘may have peaked too early.'”

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