TALKIN’ TRASH: NOLA Mayor Sorry — As He Damn Well Should Be, But Deep Down You Know He’s Right


Referring to his remarks about Philadelphia’s problem with trash and litter, Nagin said in a statement issued yesterday that he was speaking to a New Orleans community group Saturday and, “in an effort to reassure the citizens of New Orleans of the progress being made in our recovery, I pointed to an area in which many American cities struggle but which we are achieving some success.”

“I intended no disrespect to the city of Philadelphia,” Nagin’s statement said. “We are truly thankful for the generosity of our hosts and look forward to a long, positive working relationship between our cities.”

INQUIRER: OK, Now That’s Out Of The Way, It’s Time To Clean Up Our Fuckin’ Act! We Are A Mess, People! New Rule — If You’re Gonna Eat A Whole Bag Of Potato Chips, Just Go Ahead And Eat The Fuckin’ Bag Too!
URBAN DICTIONARY: ‘Filthadelphia, Another Word For Philadelphia, Because Philly Has A Huge Litter Problem’
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[Illustration by JAMES MCMULLAN]

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