KILLADELPHIA: Gunfight Erupts Outside Anti-Violence Meeting — With Cops In Attendance

guncraz.jpgPhiladelphia police at a community meeting Wednesday evening on Germantown Avenue, suddenly found themselves on the scene of a shootout just outside the building in Nicetown.

It was just after 6:30 when shots rang out outside the meeting hall. Some attendees fell to the floor. But Captain John McCloskey and officer Vince Laspina rushed outside, virtually into the middle of the gun battle on a busy Germantown Avenue:

“Bullets that hit close to a car that was parked near where I was at. You could hear one of the bullets kind of like ‘ping’ off the wall where we were at. I took cover by my car and at the same time, pointed my weapon and ordered him to drop his weapon.”

Captain McCloskey says gunman Durrell Bolling hesitated, but did drop his gun and he was apprehended, and treated for a leg wound.The other two gunmen fled. Bullets hit cars and the building, but no one else was injured.

KYW: Even Black Market Gun Sellers Should Require The Buyer To Pass An IQ Test. Seriously.

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