THIS JUST IN: Howard Dean Campagin Architect & Current Tom Knox Political Guru JOE TRIPPI Signs On To Edwards Campaign

Obviously somebody feels his work here in Philadelphia is almost done. Here’s the complete text of Joe Trippi’s announcement:

I really thought that the 2004 presidential campaign would be the last I would be involved in. I have always wanted to make a difference, but for me I thought those days were over.

A few weeks ago, John and Elizabeth Edwards made their decision to continue, not just John Edwards’trippi2.jpg campaign for President, but their work together to make a difference for their country.

And that made me realize that I wasn’t done trying to make a difference either. Not by a long shot. So today I am joining the John Edwards campaign.

Too much is at stake. The war in Iraq continues, and more of our troops will lose their lives. Working Americans are losing ground. Poverty continues in the wealthiest nation on the planet. And nearly nothing is really being done to reduce global warming.

John Edwards is leading the way and making a difference on all of these issues. He’s offering big ideas backed by real plans to change our country. And so his campaign is the place where I will work to make whatever difference I can.

Lets make a difference together, for each other, and for our country. Too much is at stake to give anything less than everything we’ve got.

For the record, we really like John and Elizabeth Edwards and think they will be excellent choices for Attorney General and Secretary Of Health And Human Services, respectively, in the Obama administration.

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