ONE SENTENCE EDITORIAL: When an angry loner massacres 32 fellow students JUST SO PEOPLE WOULD PAY ATTENTION TO HIM, you only validate his psychotic reasoning by publishing his self-styled assassin’s portrait; you have rewarded a monster with a glory he should never know and, in the process, you invariably create more just like him.


Stop it!

HARRY SHEARER: What is the possible journalistic explanation for splashing Cho’s self-dramatizing poses and self-justifying bullshit over network and cable air? Did we learn anything useful during the spate of interviews of Charlie Manson years ago, except that he was one crazy motherfucker? Cho’s pathetic outpourings deserved to be put back where they came from–in a small room, with FBI guys sentenced to read/see and parse them Instead, a hundred thousand self-pitying mentally ill young men (and women?) have just been shown the road to glory one more time. A society in which it’s easier to become famous for killing people than for doing something useful or constructive is one remarkable place in which to live. [via Eat The Press]

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