Plot Thickens For Man Questioned In Atlantic City Sex Worker Serial Killings

BY SAM WOOD INQUIRER STAFF WRITER Salem County authorities have seized another box of items from the home of a man who was questioned last week in the slayings of four Atlantic City women.The man, Terry Oleson, 34, has been jailed since Friday, when he was charged withblackhorsemotel.jpg invasion of privacy – an accusation unrelated to the corpses of four prostitutes who were found in a watery ditch in Egg Harbor Township in November.

The charge stems from the discovery of a videotape showing a naked teenage girl, found by investigators during a search of Oleson’s Alloway Township home, his attorney said.

On Monday, Salem County sheriff’s officers returned to Oleson’s home and removed another box of items, a spokesman for the department said.

The spokesman said the items were “not connected with any criminal matter.”

Oleson’s attorney, Marty Siegel, said the box was related to a domestic dispute between Oleson and his ex-girlfriend.

“Any time a domestic violence restraining order has been entered, any weapons must be removed from the house,” Siegel said. “They went in to look for weapons. To the best of my knowledge, they didn’t find any.”

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