MEDIA: Don Imus Suspended For Calling Rutgers Women’s Basketball Team “Nappy-Headed Ho’s”


BY AMY Z. QUINN This is Essence Carson [pictured, right], a forward on the Rutgers women’s basketball team. She’s also a straight-A student, a music major who plays several instruments, and an athlete whoessence.jpg was named the Big East women’s basketball player of the year. But of course, that’s not why she’s in the news today.

No, people care about Essence Carson all of a sudden because she’s one of the “nappy headed hos” Don Imus and his producer were talking about the other day.

Flanked by her teammates — including South Jersey’s own Rashidat Junaid, a towering center from Chesilhurst who had racked up 1,000 rebounds before even graduating from Camden Catholic — Carson announced this morning team members would meet with Imus. The details are sketchy just yet, but it’s a sure thing they’ll talk about the firestorm that has, in a sad turn of events, garnered the Rutgers squad far more media attention than did their glorious basketball season. That these women would even give Imus the time of day is a show of decency, maturity and respect far above what he showed them.

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