HIZZONER ’07: Brady Bunch Smells Like Nepotism

Bob Brady has promised that, if he is elected Philadelphia’s mayor, he’ll fight no-bid contracts and nepotism. He was the first candidate to sign a pledge promising to wipe them out. But fornepotismchart.gif four Brady family members, it might not make a difference. They already have government jobs or benefit from a no-bid contract, an Inquirer review shows.

Brady’s wife is paid $100,000 a year by a politically connected firm that delivers official notices of lawsuits. In eight years, the city has not bid out the contract.

His son works for the Pennsylvania Turnpike, his daughter for the state lottery. His brother is a Municipal Court judge.

Brady says he pulled no strings for his relatives and praised their professional abilities.

“It’s a small town,” Brady said when asked why so many family members had government jobs or contracts.

Brady declined to discuss the issue at length, saying his campaign schedule permitted him only 10 minutes to answer questions.

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