700 Pound Trenton Woman Falls Down, Can’t Get Up

TRENTON, N.J. – It took nearly seven hours and the demolition of a bathroom for rescue workers to remove a more than 700-pound woman from her home, officials said.

Rescue workers arrived at about 5:45 p.m. Monday to the woman’s home after responding to reports she had fallen and injured herself in her second-floor bathroom, said Trenton Fireblubber.gif Department Battalion Chief Gregory Gore.

They didn’t get her out until after midnight.

The undertaking ended up involving dozens of emergency medical responders and firefighters from Trenton and neighboring Ewing.

Firefighters eventually had to dismantle the toilet and radiator, and rip out part of the bathroom wall and window in order to create a large enough space to move the woman out to a fire truck’s large rescue basket.

Rescue workers then carried her into a special ambulance capable of carrying someone of her size, Gore said.

The woman was taken to Capital Health System’s Mercer hospital in Trenton.

She was in fair condition in the emergency room Tuesday morning, said hospital spokesman Don MacNeill.

Gore didn’t immediately know the name of the woman, but said it appeared that she hadn’t been downstairs since November, although she was able to move herself to the bathroom.

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