KILLADELPHIA: Sixth Borough Reprazent!*

gunnutdirty_harry.jpgBY SIMON WEICHSELBAUM OF THE DAILY NEWS NEW YORK CITY police were crowing this week over the latest murder statistics from the five boroughs. The sprawling metropolis clocked in at 84 homicides — as of Sunday — compared to 117 over the same period last year, a nearly 30 percent drop. Meanwhile, 90 miles south in Philadelphia, the statistics for the same period tell a far grimmer tale. As of last night 97 today 100 people had been murdered here, up 18 percent from this date last year — in a city that is just one-sixth the size of the Big Apple.

If the pace keeps up in New York, homicides there will be at their lowest number since 1963 – although the count jumped slightly last year over 2005.

While here, now nicknamed “Killadelphia” by many, the annual homicide count is once again set to hit another high.

DAILY NEWS: Philadelphia — Lead, Follow Or Get Of The Way I’ll Blow Your Fuckin Head Off!
ACTION NEWS: On the 90th day of the year, Philadelphia Police are investigating the city’s 100th murder. Police were called to the 4800 block of Aspen Street, around daybreak Saturday. Investigators tell Action News a patrol officer saw several males running from this area. When the officer went to see what was going on, he saw a man lying in in the street. He had been shot four times – all in the upper body. The officer called medics, but they could not save him.

*Note, our recurring GUNCRAZY column, wherein we try to keep a running tally on the daily carnage in the interest of shaming the powers that be into action, will hereafter be known as KILLADELPHIA. Tell your friends.

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