NPR FOR THE DEF: We Hear It Even When You Can’t

ali-g.jpgFROM ROLLING STONE After the screening, Borat returns to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel to shower and transform back into Sacha Baron Cohen: mild-mannered Londoner, fiance of actress Isla Fisher (Wedding Crashers), reluctant sometime resident of Los Angeles. I wait outside the restaurant Asiate for him to appear. I?d met Baron Cohen once before, three years ago, when he was recording his first series of Da Ali G Show for HBO, interviewing a panel of leading scientists as pseudo hip-hop youth talk-show host Ali G. (?Let?s talk about when technology goes horribly wrong: Could there be another Nintendo 64??) At the time, our interview resulted in answers like this one: ?When me came out me mum?s poom poom bush, me immediately started crying in a junglistic riddim. Me first word was ?ho.? ?

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FRESH AIR ON WHYY: Sacha Baron Cohen

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