GUNCRAZY 2: Cops ‘Put Down’ Gun-Wielding Motorist

peace_firepower_gun.jpgPhiladelphia police last night shot and killed a man who allegedly pointed a handgun at officers after a traffic stop in Kensington.The confrontation — the fifth deadly shooting involving police this year — occurred about 9:30 p.m. near Cambria and Rosehill Streets.

Police late last night were poring over the scene and did not divulge many details of what happened.

Some witnesses, however, said the shooting occurred after a white Plymouth sedan heading east on Cambria was pulled over just past Rosehill, in front of a brick rowhouse. The driver exited the vehicle with a gun in his hand, they said. Police ordered him to drop the firearm, and fired at least one shot.

The man, whose name was not available, fell dead on the sidewalk.

Some onlookers contended that the man had already dropped his handgun when he was shot.

Police at the scene, however, said all eyewitnesses to the shooting were being interviewed at Police Headquarters, and no more information would be released, including the number of times the civilian was hit and whether he had fired his handgun.

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