HIZZONER ’07: Jesus & Uncle Milty Pass 1st Ballot Hurdle

milton2.jpgMILTON STREET’s bid for a City Council seat is still alive, along with the longer-than-longshot mayoral hopes of Queena Bass and Jesus White.But four other political candidates were knocked off the ballot yesterday for alleged problems with their financial disclosures or voter petitions.

A squadron of seven Common Pleas judges began yesterday to plow through three dozen election-law challenges.

Street’s candidacy for Council at large survived an attack based on his alleged failure to list all his creditors.

Bass, the only woman in the mayor’s race, and White, a part-time security guard living in temporary housing, had been challenged for allegedly failing to get enough valid signatures from Democratic voters. But the lawyer who filed the challenge, Jeremy Walker, dropped the case before anyone started counting.

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